COVID Hackathon

COVID-19 State Executive Orders from a Data Analytics Perspective

The effects of COVID-19 have presented a variety of health-related and economic challenges, and these challenges have been dealt with on levels ranging from decisions by individuals to approaches requiring worldwide coordination. In order to continue to develop and refine the strategies used to deal with this crisis, it is crucial to understand the actions […]
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Data from the Middle East and North Africa Suggests Surprising Responses to COVID-19

In Tunis, Tunisia, young people gather freely, returning to the days of sipping coffee in cafes as crowds of shoppers and onlookers enjoy the now bustling city center. No longer locked inside, Tunisians have become the fortunate few who are able to enjoy weddings, restaurants, and Friday prayers without fear of contracting COVID-19.  Elsewhere in […]
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COVID and the Economy

Sarah Hammer, Managing Director of the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania July 6, 2020 In these unprecedented times, the economic and financial markets impact of the coronavirus pandemic remains top of mind for us at the Wharton School. Over the last several months, the world […]
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