Wharton Hackathon: COVID and the Economy

Wharton Hackathon: COVID and the Economy Slide Featured Speakers Monday, September 21 The Future of Analytics
@ 12:00 PM EST
Jonathan Levi
Decentralized Finance
@ 4:30 PM EST
Michael Zochowski
Slide Featured Speakers Tuesday, September 22 COVID and the Economy
@ 12:00 PM EST
Kent Smetters
The Environment for
Small Business Lending
@ 4:30 PM EST
Sam Taussig
Slide Featured Speakers Wednesday, September 23 The Central Bank of the Future
@ 12:00 PM EST
Adrienne Harris
Politics and Policy in 2020
@ 4:30 PM EST
Aaron Klein
Slide Featured Speakers Thursday, September 24 Venture Investing in Financial Services
@ 12:00 PM EST
Amias Gerety
Automating the Financial Sector
@ 4:30 PM EST
Sam Bobley
Slide Saturday, September 26 Featured Speakers Friday, September 25 Building the Blockchain Ecosystem
@ 12:00 PM EST
Konstantin Richter
ESG: Investing for Tomorrow
@ 12:00 PM EST
David Musto
Richter Konstantin David-Musto

Winners Announced for Wharton Hackathon

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Wharton Hackathon, COVID and the Economy. Here are the names of the winning teams. Some choose to share their work. Click on the team name to view PDF submission.

First Place:  Team Woahhhh (Economics of COVID-19 Lockdowns: Optimizing the Lockdown Health-Economy Tradeoff)

Second Place: Team Golden Kiwi (Application of K-means Clustering Algorithm to Evaluate COVID-19 Impact on Regional Economic Performance)

Third Place:  Team Corona Lite (What has changed between SBA PPP loan Round 1 and Round 2 and What is the Lesson Learned)

Fourth:  Team CodeVid (Impact of Government Policy and Infection Rate on Labor Market During COVID-19) – Submission will not be available for viewing



1st prize: $2,000

2nd prize: $1,000

3rd prize: $750

4th prize: $250

Congratulations! Winners will be contacted to review how to claim your prize.

The Wharton Hackathon Team

The COVID-19 outbreak has revealed a global lack of verifiable, timely and trusted data in our global data supply chain — including data on virus outbreaks, physical goods,  protective measures and equipment, and related analytics. Simply put: data is vital for informed decision-making across multiple industries around the globe. Likewise, COVID-19 is having a significant on employment, companies, and markets.  Our goal is to identify and analyze data to help the public, researchers, and policymakers better understand the impact of the pandemic on the global economy and financial markets.

Prompt:  How has COVID-19 affected different aspects of the global economy and financial markets?


The Stevens Center at Wharton is pleased to announce its collaboration with MiPasa, a blockchain-based data control and communications system engaged in the fight against COVID-19.  Working in partnership with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others, the consortium aims to address a key problem facing scientists and researchers:  lack of integration of verified data sources that can be used with confidence.  The data is sourced from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and numerous other official sources.  The platform leverages the IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM Cloud, and will make sophisticated data analytics and privacy tools available on a Hyperledger platform.  One of the major benefits of using a blockchain platform is that it allows multiple parties to collaborate over the validity of rapidly-evolving coronavirus data.  Working together, the collaboration will fight to identify and scale responses and solutions in the global war against the COVID-19 pandemic.


For more information on MiPasa – https://mipasa.org